Website Development for Landlord Furniture

This week we did a full website renovation for our friends over at Landlord Furniture. After having two horrendous experiences with other website developers we were asked to step in and clean up the mess.

The first website was made to a good standard but it was not what the director, Dale Wild, wanted. He then turned to another local business who promised they could finish the job and make the exact website they had envisioned, however, this also never came off. Dale then emailed me and asked me to step in and finish the website as it had been left in a mediocre state.

Usually with website developments I would take the content which the client wants to keep and simply rebuild the website from the bottom-up. However, this site needs to go live as soon as possible and this option would have been too time consuming. The previous website creators had left the site in quite a state and I didn’t have very much to work with, however, Dale wanted the site being in a good state to go online, so I worked with what I had and managed to get the site to the standard the client wanted.

Dale was very happy with the website in the end and praised the fast work.


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