Last Minute Business Card Design

Today we we’re asked to make a last minute business card design for our friends at The Pattie Shack.

They needed the design to coincide with that of their menu, which we also designed but has not yet been finalised. As Anthony (Owner) is one of our previous clients, we knew exactly what they wanted and had all the resources needed to design the business card to match that of the menu.

We started by having a telephone conversation and from that gathered the information we needed to start the design. Anthony wanted a plain front with the same planked wood texture used on the border of the menu for continuity. He then wanted the logo over the wood texture. Then on the flip side Anthony wanted a similar border to the one that is going to be used on the menu, some text describing what ‘The Pattie Shack’ can cater for.

Finally we used a nice font and made it bold on the back so it was clear and stood out on the card. We added the brands logo to the top left and added the contact details necessary.

Anthony and his partner Lisa were happy with the designs.

We now only have to finalise the companies menu and we will have made a full graphics package for the business.

Best of luck to Anthony and Lisa in their venture! Go and give them a like on Facebook here >> The Pattie Shack <<

Below is an image of the back of the card!


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